How Kirsten Dunst Battled Against Depression?

Depression is not the end of the world. You may seem in agony and exhausted. Your eagerness in doing any activity, even those you took pleasure in practicing, might have vanished. You don’t like to talk to anyone, hear no voice, utter no word. All you need is to run from yourself to a safer place where you can feel anything but not what you are feeling now. But still, depression can be handled.

If you read the story of Kirsten Dunst, you will immediately recognize that, in fact, depression is simply a mental health issue that can be treated if you seek help.

During an interview with The Sunday Times, the actress remembered her 20th when she first became depressed. She said: “ I feel like I was angry. You don’t know that you are repressing all this anger, it wasn’t a conscious thing”. She added: “ it’s hard to talk about such a personal thing, but it’s important to share too”.

Once she understood her emotions, Dunst entered a rehab center to seek help. She said: “ All I will say is that medication is a great thing and can really help you come out of something”.

Sometimes, you may feel scared to talk to an expert and truly trust him. You may wonder if anyone can truly understand what you are going through. The great news is that yes. If you take the step and start to express yourself you can get the help you need to feel better. Dunst revealed: “ I was afraid to take something and so I sat in it for too long. I would recommend getting help when you need it”.

Now, Kirsten says that she feels free, more than ever. She met her love, Jesse Plemons, and is blessed with two sons.

“ You put yourself on the line because you have nothing to lose. It doesn’t really matter. And to show everything of yourself is a brave thing and a beautiful thing”.

Before losing hope in the entire world, you must know that your dear self is all that you have. Maintain it, before all, love it. Do everything you can to live happily in this world.

it’s true, you will encounter many ups and downs, many sad moments that will let you down, but who doesn’t. After all, it’s life. Live it, and try to enjoy feeling all the types of emotions.

Depression has various reasons, but if you accept yourself, be open about it, and seek an expert’s help, you will reach your desired outcome. That is, living without the burden of that ongoing feeling you are experiencing now.

Remember, we all have gone through this, have experienced those feelings, you are not alone, and will never be.

Express yourself loudly, the world is yours!