Mental Health Decline Is A Global Issue, What Can Be The Causes?

The world has witnessed major changes and is rapidly evolving due to many technological and scientific advances in various fields. These advancements have, in return, affected our lifestyles, from our eating or exercise habits to our ways of maintaining social relations with others.

Our modern technological world might have an enormously negative impact on the well-being of our body, mind, and spirit. When you become insanely obsessed with modern equipment or devices like your smartphone, your life simply becomes meaningless, empty and at times it turns into developing mental pathologies such as distraction, the expectation of instant gratification, narcissism, and even depression. Developing healthy life habits has become a necessity now to enjoy a happy, active and successful life.

Here are 4 modern causes that might influence your mental health and stability

Excessive Use of Social Media

Spending an excessive amount of time on social media platforms can result in several mental health problems including depression, social anxiety, and isolation. Human beings are social creatures who can’t live on their own but rely on the companionship of others to thrive in life. The connections and relationships we build with one another have a crucial impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Establishing and maintaining stable and healthy relationships with others can enhance our self-confidence and self-worth, alleviate feelings of despair and loneliness, and provide a sense of satisfaction, comfort, and joy to our life. However, failing to live and manifest our social nature can develop into serious illnesses that might put our emotional and mental health at stake. Always remember that social media can never replace real-world human connections. Socializing and meeting people in person can trigger certain hormones, which can ease loneliness and anxiety and make you feel happier and active. Comparing yourself to people you see on social media is another issue many individuals practice. In doing so, you will only be damaging your self-esteem and self-confidence resulting in feelings of dissatisfaction and insecurity. Always remember that no one is perfect but you can be perfect in the way you see yourself.

Unhealthy Workplace Competition

Competition between employees is an unavoidable part of most people’s work lives. Most companies create a work environment in which employees compete against each other for recognition, bonuses, and promotions. Recent research has shown that workplace competition increases physiological and psychological activation, which prepares the body and mind for increased effort and enables higher performance. This is true because when you feel competitive, you might be driven forward to accomplish many goals in a short span of time; you are most likely able to take on work challenges with a focused and determined mind and be motivated to put in more effort and achieve great results. Yet excessive competition might damage one’s psychological health, causing multiple mental disorders. When you work in a highly competitive work environment, the relationship between employees becomes unhealthy and toxic. The focus diverts from improving the outcomes of the team to outsmarting and criticizing each other. Over-competition might also cause a decrease in one’s self-esteem. Oftentimes, you will work under peer pressure and resort to comparing yourselves to others who might be more competitive and you will feel that your performance isn’t productive enough and your work is unrecognizable. Thus, you will suffer from anxiety and fear that you will lose your position within the company.

Physical Inactivity

There is no doubt that physical activity can help improve physical and mental health and quality of life. Different studies have confirmed the link existent between regular exercise and lower risk of suffering from various physical and psychological diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, depression, anxiety or isolation. When you make exercise a daily habit, you become conscious of the importance of your life and you simply stop taking it for granted.

Fast Food Consumption

Research has found that fast food can damage your psychological health. It may increase the risk of suffering from psychological distress, depression, and violent behavior. Improvements in eating habits are necessary to improve one’s mental wellness.